Schumer Asks FDA to Approve More Effective Sunscreens

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Schumer Asks FDA to Approve More Effective Sunscreens

June 2, 2013

With summer around the corner, and more warm weather pushing more people to enjoy the outdoors, Sen. Charles Schumer is calling for the Food and Drug Administration to approve more effective sunscreens.

Schumer said the United States is behind the rest of the world when it comes to using sunscreens with long-range UVA filters, which block a broader range of the sun’s damaging rays.

The senator also said that for the past decade, the FDA has been testing products with Sun Protection Factors (SPFs) over 50, but without concluding whether those high numbers mean more protection.

He said beachgoers and vacationers deserve to know which products work best to protect them against skin cancer.

The FDA should make its determination before beach season gets into full swing, according to Schumer, and look into whether aerosol sunscreens, which have become increasingly popular, are as effective as lotions.

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