Industry Members Create ‘PASS’ Coalition


Industry Members Create ‘PASS’ Coalition

March 20, 2013

The Public Access to Sunscreens (PASS) coalition—a multi-stakeholder coalition of health organizations, sunscreen ingredient companies, dermatologists and concerned citizens—has kicked off a campaign to fight the growing skin cancer epidemic in the US by ensuring Americans have access to the latest effective sunscreens ingredients.

The current membership of the PASS Coalition includes The Skin Cancer Foundation, Prevent Cancer Foundation, Melanoma Research Foundation, Dr. Fallick, Dr. Henry Lim, HAPPI magazine columnist Dr. Nadim Shaath, Dr. Steven Wang, Dr. Warwick Morison, Beiersdorf, L’Oréal USA Products, Ashland Inc., BASF Corporation, DeWolf Chemical, Fitz Chem Corporation and McCullough & Associates.

The coalition says its will work collaboratively with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the White House, Congress, health care providers, consumer organizations and sunscreen manufacturers to establish a framework for approval of the next generation of ultraviolet (UV) light active filters for over-the-counter (OTC) sunscreens.

In addition, the group says it is also committed to ensuring that FDA has the resources it needs to conduct the pre-market review of sunscreen time and extent applications (TEAs).

”America is a leader in innovation and scientific advancement, and yet while advanced sunscreen technology is available globally, it isn’t available in the U.S,” said Al Pearce, senior marketing manager, Personal Care for BASF Corporation. “The PASS Coalition intends to play an active role in calling on lawmakers and regulators to join forces to provide the public with the most effective and innovative sunscreens available.”

According to Pearce, Americans are much better informed about the need for proper sun protection, but they aren’t aware that many of the most innovative products in the category aren’t stocked in US stores.

According to a survey cited by PASS, 86% of citizens approve of creating a program that allows for the latest sunscreen products and technology in the US.

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